All you need to know about the 1 July 2020 amendment to the National Construction Code (NCC)

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The Australian Building Codes Board introduced an out of cycle amendment to the National Construction Code known as NCC 2019 Amendment 1. The NCC 2019 Amendment 1 adopts some of the recommendations in Shergold Weir Building Confidence dated February 2018 (BC Report).

Objective of the NCC 2019 Amendment 1

The NCC 2019 Amendment 1 incorporates some of the 24 recommendations made in the BC Report.  The amendment to the NCC has been made out of the usual cycle to reflect the urgent need to improve the standards in the Australian built environment.

The extent of these amendments will affect, among other things, product certification systems, and building product safety. The purpose of the NCC 2019 Amendment 1 is to improve the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia.

What are the key changes in the NCC 2019 Amendment 1?

There are a number of changes included in the NCC 2019 Amendment 1. The most notable changes include:-

  1. a new provision in NCC Volume One regarding egress from early childhood centres;
  2. compulsory labelling for aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core in accordance with Standards Australia Technical Specification 5344;
  3. clarification of the concession in NCC Volume One that permits the use of timber framing for low-rise Class 2 and 3 buildings;
  4. clarification in NCC Volume Two that anti-ponding board requirements only apply to roofs where sarking is installed; and
  5. an amendment to require (from 1 July 2021) that a process be followed to improve the quality of Performance Solutions and the supporting documentation.

Will the NCC 2019 Amendment 1 apply to your project?

The NCC 2019 Amendment 1 was adopted by all Australian jurisdictions on 1 July 2020.  The NCC 2019 Amendment 1 will apply to projects where applications for a construction certificates are made after 1 July 2020.


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