Loan + Securities

We facilitate complex finance transactions from negotiation to settlement at the speed demanded while at the same time ensuring your rights are protected.

We advise private lenders and other market participants on all legal issues associated with the financing of a wide variety of transactions. We provide top-tier quality services to lenders and investors Australia-wide.

Our team of dedicated Loan + Securities lawyers understand the importance of time efficiencies in today’s commercial private lending environment. Our extensive knowledge and experience in secured finance transactions allows our clients to transact and deliver their product with confidence. For each deal, we allocate a team that will be contactable and accountable from start to finish.

Loans do fall into default. Mortgage enforcement is just as important as settling transactions. It is for this reason that our Loan + Securities team work closely with our Despite Resolution + Litigation team to efficiently enforce securities and recover loans.

Our services and focus areas


  • Acquisition Finance
  • Asset-based lending
  • Construction Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Real Estate Finance

Personal Property Securities (PPSA + PPSR)